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Tauranga Airport Concept

From Scheduled Status
NZ 8258 / SQ 4516
17:00 Arriving at 16:56
NZ 8141 / QF 8519
17:55 Arriving at 17:55
NZ 5143
19:25 Arriving at 19:25
As at 16:51, 26/03/2019 View all flights
To Scheduled Status
NZ 8263
17:25 Departing at 17:25
NZ 8142 / SQ 4474
18:20 Departing at 18:20
As at 16:51, 26/03/2019 View all flights

Tauranga Airport provides convenient parking options for every kind of traveller.

Need transport? A range of taxis and rental car companies operate from Tauranga.

Tauranga's new airport terminal

Our airport is getting ready for the future, with works on a major terminal redevelopment underway. The overhaul will take approximately 15 months, with the expanded terminal passenger area to open in December 2018, catering for all passengers visiting our beautiful city.

More about the terminal upgrade

Concept drawing

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