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Tauranga Airport Concept

From Scheduled Status
NZ 8258 / SQ 4516
17:00 Arriving at 17:17
NZ 8141 / QF 8519
17:55 Arriving at 17:55
NZ 5264
18:15 Arriving at 18:15
As at 17:10, 18/02/2020 View all flights
To Scheduled Status
NZ 8263
17:25 Departing at 17:40
NZ 8142 / SQ 4474
18:20 Departing at 18:20
NZ 5261
18:45 Departing at 18:45
As at 17:10, 18/02/2020 View all flights

Tauranga Airport provides convenient parking options for every kind of traveller.

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Need transport? A range of taxis and rental car companies operate from Tauranga.

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Explore the new airport terminal

A new check-in area, open space seating, extended views to the runway, a new café and unique pieces of art make your stay at the Tauranga Airport more comfortable than ever.

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Concept drawing

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