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Everything you need to know from restrictions to lost luggage.

When packing for both domestic and connecting international flights, follow our suggestions to avoid any setbacks.

  • Always pack your own baggage.
  • Check weight and size restrictions for checked baggage with your airline.
  • Put your name and address on all checked and carry-on luggage. Remove all old bag tags to avoid confusion.
  • Avoid carrying metal items that may trigger metal detector alarms (e.g. belts, buttons, body piercings and steel toe shoes).
  • Make sure your baggage does not contain any restricted items. 

Find out more about restricted items

Unattended baggage

Baggage should never be left unattended in public areas. Unattended baggage will be treated as suspicious, removed by security services, and may be destroyed.

Lost baggage

Please refer lost baggage enquiries to Air New Zealand on +64 7 575 3666.

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